Ra Puriri

Waikato District Council Mayor
Raglan Ward Council


  • Ra Puriri

  • 027 347 0650

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Residents across Waikato have lost faith in the Council due to the often dysfunctional culture. It's time for change within the Waikato District Council.This is why I am standing for Mayor of Waikato District Council and for Raglan Ward Councillor. I am running because it is time for good change, real improvements and time to focus on learning and continuous improvement.I am committed to the values and principles that lead to better outcomes for all.I am committed to improving community engagement, accountability, productivity and transparency within Council systems.I am committed to real power sharing with Community Boards, and solidarity and involvement with every Community House, to nurture the seeds of trickle-up economics–lifting where you stand.I am committed to finding local solutions for affordable housing, jobs, the environment and the rising cost of food.I am passionate about innovative processes that change and unite people to accomplish things beyond the limits of the individual.It is time for Change, Waikato.A vote for me is a vote for us.

Problems & Solutions

(1) Problem: Lack of Council engagement with the community, paired with limited public access to information on key community issues.

  • Council is slow to respond to community requests or ignores them completely.

  • Council agendas, reports, and minutes are extremely difficult to find.

Solution: Utilise simple technologies to ensure Council dealings are easily accessible for all. Increase Council engagement.

  • Create more face-to-face opportunities in every community, year-round, so residents are able to engage directly with the Mayor.

  • Zoom record every council and department meeting to improve engagement and access to information.

(2) Problem: Stormwater infiltration and the sewage treatment plants.

  • Stormwater from buildings overwhelms our treatment plants regularly in the winter.

  • Untreated sewage is released into the Waikato River, lakes and the ocean.

  • The public is never notified of these events.

  • Some water plants are in very poor standard from years of deferred maintenance.

Solution: Increase public awareness of stormwater dangers, and how critical it is to eliminate all storm water infiltration from homes and businesses.

  • Stop stormwater from homes and buildings from going into the sewage system.

  • Inform the public when the effluent pumps are on.

  • Better signage near outlets pipes for public safety.

  • Address and improve maintenance plan for each facility.

(3) Problem: The Council does not support local Community Houses in their efforts to serve those in greatest need.

  • The council sat on a surplus in 2021.

  • Community Houses struggle to sustain services, such as social workers.

Solution: Provide committed funding for and increase communication between WDC and each Community House.

  • Council’s annual budget includes annual funds to all community houses.

  • I will spend time at Community Houses to understand needs and how we can support them.

  • Trickle up economics

(4) Problem: Lack of power in Community Boards.

  • Community Boards can be overruled at any time by council without explanation.

  • Council policies discourages engagement from Community Boards

Solution: Give Community Boards more say on local issues.

  • Community Boards know the local environment best and deserve to have the final say in some clearly defined local matters.


Kia ora, my name is Rakaipaka.I was born and raised in Hamilton until 1973 when my father sold his small plumbing company so we could emigrate to Los Angeles, California to take care of my mother’s parents.I married my sweetheart Laninina in 1982 and we raised our five sons and beautiful daughter in Utah. Raglan is my home as I returned to New Zealand in 2015 to learn more about my Maori and Samoan culture, history, and roots.I am passionate about innovative processes and change to unite people and accomplish things beyond the limits of the individual.

The Politics of Love

My favorite movie

I am running for Mayor so my grandchildren don't have to be on the road crew.

For my grandchildren Rakai, Tala, Peara, Kapua, Tai, and Fisher.


Voting gives you the power to choose the quality of life you want for yourself and your future whanau. It allows you to stand for the issues you care about and to have a real impact on CHANGE.You have a voice. Vote and be heard - a vote for me is a vote for us.


This applies to you if you have never voted or were not enroled by 12 August.

If you enrol or update your address after 12 August 2022, you will not get voting papers sent to you in the mail.You will have to request special
voting papers from your local council's electoral officer.
Request a special vote by calling 800 922 822.


Save the date! Voting will begin on the 16th of September and can be completed by post through a return envelope provided. You will have until noon on Saturday, 8 October, 2022, to vote.Have your completed vote in the post by October 4th! Completed voting papers can also be hand delivered to the locations below.

  • Huntly Office, 142 Main Street, Huntly

  • Ngaruawahia Head Office, 15 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia

  • Raglan Office, 7 Bow Street, Raglan

  • Te Kauwhata Office, 1 Main Road, Te Kauwhata

  • Tuakau Office, 2 Dominion Road, Tuakau


Swimming in sewage effluent
Ignored for 5+ years

Thank you to the council.They agreed to upgrade all of the signage at Wainamu Beach, to better protect public
health and safety.
27 July 2022

Raglan AirfieldLocal interests have been ignored
for 78+ years.
The local protest continues.

Blocked storm water drain on
Norrie Ave in Raglan
Ignored for 3+ yearsNow the hillside is slipping towards the house below.

Community road crew, doing the council's work in Raglan.Multiple requests have been ignored for years. The community decided to solve this problem.

Signs laying on the ground for
6 months. The community decided to solve this problem.



Three years after the secret meetings were stopped in 2019, Council has missed its 2021 targets on engagement and ease of access to information on key
community issues.

2021 Annual Report
Page 9

A rigorous review of the consultation process is needed.Councils must prepare a statement of proposal setting out the issue or decision to be made.

Getting to Yes offers a framework for innovation and change.These principles can be applied to many areas of life.